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Bomas of Kenya


Performing arts at the Bomas Of kenya.

Bomas of Kenya was started by the Government of Kenya in 1971 as wholly owned subsidiary of the Kenya Tourist Development Cooperation (KTDC) the Company was established to Preserve, Maintain and Promote the Rich Diverse cultural values of various ethnic groups of Kenya and to act as a tourist attraction centre thus Bomas of Kenya is expected to preserve the authenticity of the Kenya’s Cultural values and to portray them in the pure form. At the Bomas of Kenya currently we have fourty seven (47) different traditional dances collected from different tribes of Kenya.

A traditional hut at the Bomas of Kenya.

As it is our duty to create cultural awareness for current and future generation we have established special performance for school children from Nursery to High School level at a special rate. We also offer services and hire out our facilities that go a long way to help raise the much needed funds to run and maintain our rich culture. We boast of  two large separate hall accommodating up to 2,500 and 3,000 pax , mini hall for 300 pax .

Bomas of Kenya is a tourist village in Langata, Nairobi. Bomas (homesteads) displays traditional villages belonging to the several Kenyan tribes.

It was established by the government in 1971 as a subsidiary company of Kenya Tourist Development Corporation as a tourist attraction. It also wanted to preserve, maintain and promote rich and diverse cultural values of various tribal groups of Kenya.

The institution is located 10 Kms from the capital city. This means it is very accessible from the many international hotels and conference facilities in Nairobi. The fact that is near the major international and local airports- Jomo Kenyatta and Wilson Airport means it also very accessible to international and domestic tourists. It is also located next to the game filled Nairobi National Park. Thus one can combine cultural-wildlife-town tour circuits.

Rates and Show Time          

Show time     time

Monday to Friday       2.30pm - 4.00pm

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays            3.30pm - 5.15pm


Bomas charges           amount

Non-resident adults    Ksh      600.00

Non-resident children Ksh      300.00

Non-resident students            Ksh      300.00

Resident adults           Ksh      100.00

Resident children       Ksh      25.00

University/colleges students  Ksh      30.00

School parties: Nursery to high school level Ksh       20.00

Video Recording (small)        Ksh      500.00

Video recording (big)  Ksh      750.00

Music recording         Ksh      300.00

DVD    Ksh      2,000.00

Audio cassettes          Ksh      300.00

Traditional dance and village booklet            Ksh      100.00

 Children's play ground |per child|               amount

Individual children      Ksh      50.00

School parties: Nursery to high school level Ksh      30.00

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