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Central Island National Park

Central Island National Park

This National Park serves as an important place for crocodile breeding. It's major attractions are the three crater lakes i.e.; Crocodile Lake, Flamingo Lake, & Tilapia Lake, Active volcano. However, there are also game in the park and these include; from crocodiles, game includes hippopotamus, plains and Grevy's zebras, topis, oryxs, reticulated giraffes, and Grants gazelles.

Some of the activities available are; climbing, camping and walking through the nature trails. The Central Island National Park provides great opportunities for viewing and photographing. Also, a visit to the three crater lakes within the park- Crocodile Lake, Flamingo Lake and the Tilapia Lake is a must.


Background Information:

The park is within Lake Turkana. Central Island is only 5 km2. Central Island has three scenic crater lakes i.e. Crocodile, Flamingo and Tilapia.


The climate is hot and dry.


* Roads: 800 km from Nairobi to Lake Turkana, then take a boat from Sibiloi National Park or from Lodwar. Access from Nairobi is by the main Nairobi-Moyale road or from Maralal to Loiengalani through Baragoi and South Horr

* Airstrips: 2 airstrips at Sibiloi


Three crater lakes - Crocodile Lake, Flamingo Lake, & Tilapia Lake, Active volcano

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