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David Livingstone Safari Lodge

Painted in traditional Maasai red ochre and lit by hundreds of lanterns, the lodge makes an immediate impression of the local surroundings. Guests are met by Maasai warriors in full regalia. The lodge is surrounded by indigenous trees and plants and it blends with the environment combining the best of nature. After a hot day's safari, your cosy room awaits providing you with a hot shower and comfortable bed with the finest in the Mara.

Guests can see hippos across the river from their table as they sit down for the meals prepared by our international chefs.At all times, families of hippos spend their days basking in the deep pools below the bars and restaurant.The View Point Bar and rest area offers a spectacular view of the Mara river and the animals.








David Livingstone lodge has 80 en-suite rooms and two deluxe suites of two bedrooms each having views of the Mara River from the veranda. The rooms are decorated in vibrant Maasai colours with bright fabrics and rugs. Timber beams support the thatched roof that keep the rooms warm in the cold Mara weather.

Game drives are provided in our custom built 4x4's. You will go through the plains of the Maasai Mara, and see the herds of elephants, eland, giraffe & impalas along the route. Lion, Elephant, Buffalo , Leopard and the Rhino are the typical Big 5 that are found in the vicinity of the Mara plains.

wildebeestecrossingmarariver.jpgTake the balloon ride at dawn and watch the sun cast a golden light over the swaying grasses of the Mara as it rises over the Aitong hills. After the exhilarating ride you will then return to have a champagne bush breakfast in the wilderness.Sundowner and bush dinners are possible because of the unique location of the David Livingstone Lodge.Surrounding the lodge is one of the seventh wonders of the world: the worlds biggest land migration passes the very great wildebeest & zebra in search of grazing across the plain and rivers under the eyes of various lions and crocodiles.

The lodge is on the surrounding of the Koiyaki Lemek Wildlife Trust, a co-operative owned by local Maasai community. David Livingstone Lodge has a corporate responsibility to ensure that the local community benefits in terms of employment and welfare.

At night the residents of the Mara river come to life in a completely different way. Hippos are nocturnal animals and come out to feed in the dark. Predators thrive in the darkness to disguise their attacks. The Lodge can provide night games drive upon request. The game drive in the dark is an experience that cannot be missed.

Guests can enjoy cocktails at the bar by the swimming pool or sit around the fire on the veranda watching the nightly game  going to graze undisturbed on the plains.

Welcome to the most exciting adventure in the Seventh Wonder of the World  ... Where the moments will always live with you...

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