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Kituluni Hill (The Anti-Gravity Hill)

According to local residents, the strange happenings at Kyamwilu were discovered by a white settler who parked his vehicle by chance on that section of the road. He parked his car at the site with the gears free to go downstream to get water for his car engine. Upon returning he was stunned to find that the vehicle had moved about 50 metres up.

What reportedly struck the settler was why the vehicle, instead of moving downwards in line with the law of gravity, climbed up the steep road."We are told it was an experience that left him dumbfounded," says another villager, Mr Christopher Mutua. "He repeated the exercise again and again before concluding that something unusual was going on at the Kyamwilu hills." There is a theory that exists among the locals.

Initially this place was called Kyaume (meaning men in Kamba) as there used to live two men. One called Kyalo and the other called Mwilu, these two men shared one woman as their wife in marriage. Their homes were just separated by a small river which flows down the hill, the woman was so beautiful and used to go to rest at the river stream and from there she could make the decision on which home to spend the night.

Overwhelmingly she used to spend her nights exchanging between the two men. When the two men died, she was taken back by one of her kinship. The graves of the two men are still there and marked. So it's them whom in their mortal state continue to fight over the woman and thus the pulling force towards the grave yard.

Some 300 kilometres away from this spot, in Nakuru, equally unlikely stories are told about a mystery cave in the Menengai Crater ,Rift Valley province.

Few places in Kenya, indeed in the world, are without their own stranger-than-fiction stories that defy logical explanation. Outsiders might dismiss them out of hand, but local people hold on to them with a firm conviction.

Kituluni, 12 kilometres east of Machakos town, Eastern province in
Kenya, has long been the subject of speculation, and visitors have travelled for miles to witness the strange goings-on at the extraordinary hill.

It is perhaps the only place in the world where a car that is switched off can roll uphill, unaided.

On the way to Kituluni, one passes through Mutituni and Kivutini. A tarmac road leads toward the strange spot. It is a dangerous drive with tortuous twists and turns. Halfway round the hill, regardless of the speed at which the car might be moving, it is always jerked forward and suddenly moves faster without any discernible change on the speedometer.

Kituluni hill covers an area of about a square kilometre, and if you want to prove that the hill is indeed as strange as it is said to be, you can carry out a few experiments.If you switch off the car and park it at the side of the road with nobody inside, it immediately begins to move up the hill at a speed of approximately 5kph.

It has been known to do this for a distance of up to a kilometre, and just to prove that this is no fluke, it has been done over and over again with the same results. Although the Kituluni spot lies on a very steep part of the hill, experiments carried out with water produce the same results. Water can be seen flowing up the hill, instead of down.

For about 20 metres, the water flows in this manner until it changes course and flows to the side, but even then it never at any one point flows downhill. The same pattern is repeated when an empty bottle is placed on the spot and even though it only rolls for a few metres, it moves all the same.

The villagers claim to have an explanation for this strange phenomenon.

It is said that many years ago the local people used to make sacrifices to their ancestors on the hill. In those days the area was known collectively as Kivutini. The sacrifices were meant to appease the ancestors and seek favours from them, such as bringing rain or casting out evil spirits.

There was an altar where special rituals were performed, and was thus regarded as a holy place. Things changed when the road passing through the area from Machakos town towards Kaloleni was constructed and people were forced to conduct their ceremonies further down the hill.

Although the road has been around for quite a few years, no one seems to remember when the strange happenings currently being witnessed started. Villagers say they have even seen strange people dressed in white who vanish as mysteriously as they appear.
Even though experts still hold a sceptical view on the area, no serious study has been conducted to explain the strange phenomenon.