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Railway Museum Nairobi

Steam Engine Lococomotive


Kenya Railways represents the historical growth of this country and Nairobi Railway Museum narrates the tale of this country’s evolvement; indeed it is the rail that developed Kenya to the country it is now!

The Nairobi Railway Museum was opened in 1971, and much of the credit for its foundation goes to its first Curator, Mr. Fred Jordan, who had been with the railways in East Africa as from 1927. Realising the speed at which changes were taking place on the railway system he saw the need to preserve as many links with the past as possible. He began to gather items which were to form the nucleus of the present day museum’s fascinating and growing collection.

The Nairobi Railway Museum provides answers to many unanswered questions concerning the early history of the rail and Kenya’s development. Nairobi Railway museum consists of the Main Gallery, the Resource Center, the auditorium and an outdoor collection of locomotives, wagons and coaches.


A more modern Vintage Locomotive

The Lunatic Express was the name given to a railroad built by the British colonial government in East Africa during Victorian times. Officially called the Uganda Railway, it was constructed over the period 1895-1901 from Mombasa on the Kenyan coast to Lake Victoria in the interior and later onward to Kampala in Uganda.

Its open all weekdays and weekends

Museum charges ( in kenya shillings)

(Request for the current exchange rate for your respective currency from your travel agent)

Non-Citizen     400 /-

Non-Citizen Student   200/-

Non Citizen Child       100/-

Citizen 100/-                

Citizen Student           50/-

Citizen Child   20/-

NB: 1. Filming and documentary shooting allowed at the museum with prior

arrangements with the management at a fee.

2. Assorted souvenir’s prices are displayed at the museum’s gift shop

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