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Ride Kenya Horse Safaris

Ride Kenya-Horse Safaris.

With traversing rights to over 1.4 million acres, including Amboseli and Chyulu Hills National Parks, Ride Kenya boasts access to one of the largest expanses of Africa. Extending through an awe-inspiring range of ecosystems – east to the dry lakebeds of Amboseli and west to the majestic Chyulu Hills - Ride Kenya rides through quintessential East African safari landscapes. Throughout the safaris, Mt. Kilimanjaro stands watch over our explorations. The rides meander among 38 species of large mammals, including the “Big Five”. Ride Kenya is an unforgettable experience, unrivaled throughout Africa.

The Idea of Ride Kenya

It may seem like a fairytale, but for Patrick Stanton and Nicola Young, it is reality. The intrepid, some would say, dreamy couple, envisioned taking their love of horses to the African bush. After meeting as students in Connecticut, American-born Patrick and UK-born Nicola set their sights on conducting horse safaris in Africa. An introduction to Richard Bonham, owner of Ol Donyo Wuas Lodge, proved to be just the right match. And after a few years of setting up the stable, including many trips to southern Africa to obtain the absolute best retinue of horses, Ride Kenya was ready to go. It was 2006. Since then, Ride Kenya has grown into an entity all its own, offering day trips for guests of Ol Donyo Wuas Lodge as well as multi-day mobile horse safaris. Nicola and Patrick are true experts in their field, and there is no doubt that experiencing Africa by horseback is a highlight.

The key to Ride Kenya is the horses (and, Africa, of course!). Nicola, Patrick and their professional team at the Ride Kenya stable have personally trained each horse. The passion and care with which these horses are trained is evident. A recent Ol Donyo Wuas guest puts it succinctly, “There was never any unrest or misbehaviour from the horses, and they were not dead planks as they walked behind each other but were well trained and clearly very happy horses.  We were able to get up close to giraffe and other plains game which made the whole experience so special”.

Ride Kenya’s herd of 25 very well-schooled horses are fit to handle many variables depending on the terrain, the wildlife and the level of rider.

Joining Ride Kenya

There are two options for participation with Ride Kenya.

Join half-day or full-day rides from Ol Donyo Wuas Lodge. This is available to guests at the lodge as one of a number of activities.

Join a multi-day luxury mobile horse safari. These operate independently of OI Donyo Wuas Lodge. Each mobile safari is managed and guided by Patrick and Nicola.

Ol Donyo Wuas Lodge Rides

Horseback riding is an unforgettable experience for lodge guests as well. It can be enjoyed either early in the morning, or at sunset. Most of these rides last about two hours; however, this can be adjusted according to guest needs. For experienced riders, full-day rides are also available. For lodge-based rides, we will encourage any standard of rider, from a novice child to an advanced adult.

Multi-day Mobile Horse Safaris

Ride Kenya mobile safaris are reminiscent of the safaris of old. While horse and rider are enjoying safari, the luxury camp is moved ahead to the next destination. The tented camps are extremely comfortable, with wrought iron twin or double beds, fine linen, en-suite bathrooms, a central dining tent and a high standard of service and provisions. The Ride Kenya team, consisting of grooms, chefs, waiters and camp hands ensure a full service experience for guests.

Each Ride Kenya mobile horse safari itinerary explores truly wild and unfenced ecosystems - from the vast savannah plains, to thick acacia forests, to the 40-mile range of the Chyulu Hills. The volcanic geology makes for a mostly soft and sandy terrain, with some areas of rocky lava flow.

There are two distinct Ride Kenya mobile safari itineraries:

The Amboseli Ride: Arguably, one of the world’s most thrilling rides; the itinerary traverses swamps filled with elephant, buffalo, lion, hyena and much more. This ride is designed for an advanced rider, who is used to long days in the saddle and riding at speed.

The Chyulu Ride: This signature ride has been popular since the start. The range of scenery and terrain are perfect for both horse and rider. The wildlife on this ride is more spread out than that of the Amboseli Ride, but there are great sightings nonetheless. It is an ideal itinerary for families, or less-experienced riders.

A prerequisite of either mobile horse safaris is an intermediate level of fitness and riding capability as well as an adventurous spirit. Riders must be comfortable at a good steady canter at minimum. There are opportunities to gallop and jump, but this is not compulsory.

The typical day on the Ride Kenya mobile horse safaris consists of about four to seven hours in the saddle, covering a distance between 15 – 30 miles depending on terrain and sightings. We also offer riders the chance to enjoy game drives, bush walks and night game drives.

Many of Ride Kenya’s mobile horse safari guests enjoy a night or two at Ol Donyo Wuas Lodge before or after their safari. This is an excellent add-on to our safari itineraries.

Please note: There is a weight limit for Ride Kenya’s horses. Novice riders (Ol Donyo Wuas Lodge rides only) should be no more than 100kg (220lbs) whilst advanced riders should be no more than 95kg (209lbs).

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