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Snake Park Nairobi

Snake Park Nairobi


 Black Spitting Cobra at the Snake Park.

Nairobi Snake Park is one of the NMK attractions located adjacent to Nairobi National Museum and is extremely popular with visitors.

Historical Background         

The Nairobi Snake Park was started in January, 1961 to meet a popular attraction and to provide a research facility on reptiles, breeding of snakes. Live snakes were exhibited on experimental basis at the entrance of the Museum in 1958 which later became a popular attraction.When the popularity was noted, a portion of land in front of the Museum and down to the Nairobi River was acquired by the Museum Trustees for the development of Botanical gardens and exhibitions on live snakes. This idea was developed further in 1959, when money was made available for a combined facility, Snake Park and Snake study centre surrounded by a botanical garden and war memorial garden on one end.


By the end of 1960, the Snake Park was almost completed using funds made available by the War Memorial Committee. The Snake Park was opened to the public in January 1961, as a centre for snake study before it transformed into a shelter for resqued reptiles and amphibians. It attracted a lot of interest from the public, researchers, conservationist and educators. Following its closure in August 2008, the snake park reopened a year later after undergoing a major lift. During the 2009/2010 financial year, about 123,000 visitors attended the park. In a bid to serve our visitors better, public programmes like octopus exhibition, interactive sessions with harmless reptiles and amphibians, exhibition on the birds of the Snake Park and feeding of crocodiles with live fish. Audio Visual transmission of information on exhibitions, are under way. The aquaria have been modified with a classy touch of beautiful art work for their finishing. It is your world class tourist destination!


Currently the Snake Park exhibits major groups,

1.  Invertebrates like Giant Snails, Baboon Spider ,Mombasa Train Millipede, Crayfish, Freshwater Prawns and

2.  Vertebrates like Fishes both Marine and Fresh water, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals.

It is also offering services such as rescue and rehabilitation centre for reptiles (abandoned, confiscated, illegal collection), dissemination of information on aquarium fishes and reptiles as well as specialized talks on the same. To date, Snake Park has continued assisting the city residents of Nairobi in rescuing their residential areas by removing spotted house snakes and as well as giving advices on how to reduce possible snakebites within their homesteads. Snake identification service is also provided.

Located at a serene environment with a spacious compound, the Snake Park is an ideal place for relaxation by our visitors to enjoy the cool breeze.

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